CEO’s Message

Eng. Ossamah M. ElShebany
Chief Executive Officer
Saudi Plastic Factory Co.

CEO’s Message

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to Saudi Plastic Factory Company; the pioneer, at converting plastic polymers to rigid packaging products in the GCC region.

We operate here, with a sense of serving the community we live in; by covering the growing demands of the market, and, we are determined to produce multipurpose plastic products that are user and environmental friendly.

Since the start of SPF in 1962, we have proved the comfortability of plastics for use, by converting hydrocarbon polymers to a wide range of rigid products ranging from prestigious home appliances to variety of industrial applications.

Our workforce is a strong believer of a “win-win business relation”. Our employees are well oriented with loyal services and regularly enlightened with, up-to-date business-operation-kits to deliver the best service and products to our customers.

Loyalty and commitment toward our clients were always our characteristic features at providing comprehensive quality packaging solutions at competitive prices. It is our pride to ensure that the needs and expectations of our customers are achieved on time every time.

In line with the Kingdom’s ambitious vision of 2030, we are determined to extend our services to cover new dimensions and markets. We are committed to continuously transform with the growing technology and keep on adopting automation to our operations to satisfy the demands of our clients in terms of quality, quantity and professional services.

We are committed to employ local work force to the best-fit level possible, and provide them with all forms of training kits and performance-monitoring tools, to ensure that they continuously learn, and enjoy their jobs.

We exert special attention at recruiting female workforce and provide them with adequate working environment that helps them to outperform.

Thank you