Our Products


A Selection Of High Quality Products

SPF has the ability to manufacture a variety of products of the highest quality with specifications conforming to approved standards

Engineering / OEM

We manufacture wide range of plastic components for air-conditioner and refrigerator industries in GCC.

Out latest injection molding facility is fully automated with product handling robots and assembly lines to produce partially assembled components for half a million a/c units per annum.

Oil & Lubricants

We offer mono & multi-layered extrusion blow molded bottles and containers for engine oil and lubricants application ranging from 250ml up to 30Litre capacity.

Detergent / Personal Care

From the soft hair care shampoo to the toughest detergents and home care cleaners, we offer high-quality HDPE, PP, PET bottles ranging from 100ml to 5Litre capacity.

Drinking Straws

We produce straight and flexible drinking straws in U & Z shapes made of PP (Polypropylene) and wrapped with OPP film. Our products are widely used in dairy and juice industries. We carefully select the best available raw materials for the production, realizing the importance of safe and hygienic products.

Food Packaging

We manufacture decorated packaging products for food industries. Our strength is strict quality control and strong experience in packaging decoration to meet end-use requirements. Our goal is to offer cost-effective packaging that satisfies industry requirements and consumer desires, maintains food safety, and minimizes environmental impact.

In-mold labeling (IML Packaging)

In mold labeling is a widely accepted form of decorating via placing labels in a mould. We offer wide range of IML packaging solutions to food and dairy industries. Our IML products are produced using high-quality in-mold labels to meet and exceed food safety requirements.

Our R&D approach is to develop solutions in collaboration with molders, automation & material suppliers. Along the way, we developed the capacity to advance the technology in entirely new directions. SPF is now the premier IML leader in Saudi Arabia.